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Search engine or steam engine?

There are only two ways to get listed in a search engine results page:

Search engine optimisation in a nutshell

Search engine optimisation relates to the process of adjusting your website to help a search engine better recognise the quality of the information that you have to offer.

At a very, very, basic level a search engine is little more than a glorified matchmaking agency: there are those that are looking for information; and those that are looking to provide information. All a search engine does is match those looking with those who can provide.

A search engine will use complex algorithms to determine which page has the most relevant information to offer about a particular keyword or search phrase.

The precise amount of information collected will vary with each search engine, but generally, the page title, page text and keyword density are recognised as important factors, along with the number and quality of other sites that link through to your own.

Improve the search engine visibility of your site

We know how to optimise your web site so that it appeals to the precise audience you are aiming to reach.

Using specialised tools we can identify exactly what keywords people are using and how to make the best of your content so that is returned favourably within a search engine results page.

See for yourself where the following client's search terms appear in search engine results pages.

3D Displays are a manufacturer of acrylic stands and shop fittings

Following a comprehensive review of their existing website, we helped them understand where changes needed to be made in order to maximise search engine visibility. After implemention, the site now appears for a wide range of search terms.


Putney Dentists are a dental practice servicing a specific area of London

Despite having a small self-built web site and a limited budget, we successfully helped them achieve top search engine rankings for their most relevent keywords.

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