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Marketing your message to the world

We want your website to be successful and if no one visits, you're going to fall way short of the mark.

Marketing your website is every bit as important as marketing your products and services:

  • You should start by making sure that all of your business stationery, premises and vehicles are clearly marked with the address of your website.
  • Consider amending the answer phone or IVR system to suggest that callers can visit your website if they can't hold or don't want to leave a message.

Once you've done these, think about the other ways people will find your site.

The majority of web users will almost certainly start with a search engine, entering a few words to describe what they are looking for.

Some will check their e-mail first, and may respond to the content of selected messages in their in-box: a friend's recommendation; mailing-list; newsletter; a direct promotion; or an invite to enter a competition.

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One of the quickest ways to drive traffic to your website is by paying to be listed through Google AdWords.

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